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used in chat/AIM slang as a way to denote that the other person has just received a minor slap to the back of the head, like what Leroy Jethro Gibbs gives his team.

The slap is a punishment, usually done when the person has done/said something stupid.

Can be used as an expression of aggravation

H0tChick101: I met this hot guy...

TalkaTalk20: His name?

H0tChick101: James. He's tall, auburn haired, and hazel eyed.

TalkaTalk20: <Gibbs>. That's my boyfriend.

DiNozzo: I've got this great new toy

McGee: Great, now we won't hear the end of it

DiNozzo: <Gibbs> Probie, come on

See ncis, gibbs, gibbslap, aim, chat, probie


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