What is [gig Harbor High School]?


a school in gig harbor, washington run by unreasonably cooky teachers, and filled with drama. they put no work into their school bathrooms. the fausets never work correctly, and the stalls never seem to lock. kids constantly skip class to smoke in the woods nearby. and drugs are always carried in the halls. the rules are never followed and this was shown when the school was on the news in 2006 for dirty dancing-- leading to a dance contract needed to attend dances. overall, gig harbor high school is a big school in a little town....don't attend it if you have a choice.

guy1: hey man you got in cigs on you?

guy2:naw, but i heard bobby always does. he goes to gig harbor high school. man theyre so ghey there; the teachers dont even care if you skip class to smoke.

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