What is 2girls1cup?


One of the most disgusting videos on the internet. It makes goatse and tubgirl look mainstream by comparison. The video features two girls enjoying one cup. And by enjoying I mean tastefully defecating into it, licking it, pucking in it and then into each other's mouths. The sickest viral video on the net, hands down!

Douche 1: Hey, did you see that 2girls1cup video? Check it out!!

Douche 2: No, I haven... OH DEAR GOD THAT IS FUCKEN SICK!!!

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The title of an instructional video, aimed to help elementary school teachers teach the children about the importance of sharing.

And now that the 2girls1cup video is over, I need one of you in each group to go get your cups so we can begin the sharing exercise. And please stop crying.

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An online shock video that starts off as 2 girls making out and rubbing eachother, and then they start shitting into a cup, and rubbing their own ]shit] all over eachother and eating it. Eventually they start puking and eating eachothers puke. Yum.

Father: Hey son, let me show you a real mans porno!(2girls1cup)

Son:Oh boy!

*sons brain explodes*

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A revolutionary way to loose weight. Watch 2girls1cup video 3 times a day before having your breakfast/lunch/dinner.

I've lost 20 pounds after watching 2girls1cup regularly for a month

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A horrifyingly twisted pornofeaturing

two girls who happily and

enthusiastically shitinto, vomit

into, and lick a poor innocent glass

(the glass was scarred for life, having

been made only to hold cool refreshing

beverages). The video is often shown to

other people for shock value, and

2girls1cup reactions have become popular

all across the interwebz.

Hey dude, wanna see something really funny? It's called 2girls1cup, and its really life-changing.




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The best and worst internet video to date

Even though everyone already knows what 2girls1cup is about they routinely keep watching it and showing it to their friends, "to see their reaction"

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a disgusting ass video on the internet...it consists of 2 girls and 1 cup..hence the name 2girls1cup..in the beginning it starts out with these 2 girls making out and its pretty hot and then BAM! outta nowhere a girl takes a dump into this cup...and this was one of the biggest dumps ive ever seen in my life..seriously!! shortly afterwards they start the poop and throwing up in eachothers mouths.. its fucking disgusting do not watch this unless you want to make your eyes bleed

pervert: dude have you seen dat new video on the internet 2girls1cup??

friend: nah mayne it sounds hot tho

pervert:dude its the bestest thing ive ever seen in my life you should go to 2girls1cup and check it out


The Next Day

friend:walks up to his friend slowly

pervert: ahahahahahahahaha you watched it didnt you!! aahahaha dumbass!

friend:fuck you!

the friend pulls out a gun and kills his perverted friend

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