What is 2girls1finger?


A viral video now widespread across the internet which continues the "2 girls" series first seen in the now popular 2girls1cup video which features a girl defecating into a cup while her and her mate proceed to eat and play with it. In this version 2 Japanese women proceed to vomit into each other's open mouths. The video culminates when the girls sit in a "69" position and one defecates into the other's mouth before they swap it back and forth.

Dude, 2girls1finger made me barf.

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A video that might be possibly worse than 2girls1cup. Now with much grosser poo and throwup. Last 10 seconds owns all.

2girls1finger >2girls1cup.

True story.

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One of the most disgusting videos on the internet. It makes 2girls1cup look mainstream by comparison. The video features two girls enjoying each other. And by enjoying I mean receiving each other's vomit repeatedly and tastefully defecating into each other's mouths. This definitely blows away its forerunners as the sickest viral video on the net, hands down!

xJonshyx: Hey, have you seen 2girls1finger yet?

Alex G: Um, yeah... who hasn't?

xJonshyx: I said 2girls1FINGER. *Sends Link*

Alex G: *MIND EXPLOSION* You can go fuck yourself while I go vomit my breakfast, lunch, and dinner now thanks.

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a clip of 2 asian girls throwing up. Then they are in the "69" position and she shits right into her mouth then they like share it

Hey popken did u see 2girls1finger its pretty nasty

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A video depicting two Asian girls puking on and in each other's mouths. One of them eventually shits into the other one's mouth, and they share a tasty, chocolaty treat. Oh boy.

Man 1: So, I heard you like Asian womens?

Man 2: Why yes, yes I do.

Man 1: Well then, have I got something to show you.

Man 2: What is it?

Man 1: It's this totally awesome video called 2girls1finger. It's epic!

Man 2: Alright, I guess I'll watch it.

*watches the video*

Man 2: Dude... that's not cool.

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A video that might be possibly worse than 2girls1cup. Now with much grosser poo and throwup.


True story.

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The grosest thing on the internet even wose than 2girls1cup. It's 2 asian girls sharing a log and some stomach fluid.


See 2girls1finger, 2 girls 1 finger, two girls one finger


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