What is [girlyboy]?


girlyboy is a boy who plays aegis and is a proper fag, who wants to be a girl, because he loves the cock and gags for spunk, he is a little pleb that like being humuliated like a little bitch, he says he's straight all the while acting like your bitch in waiting.

player1) girlyboy, do u like footlong hotdogs?

girlyboy) is that a joke?

player1) no, do u like footlong hotdogs with cheese on them?

girlyboy) ...yeah i guess so

player1) lol... so do you like smeg on your hotdogs?

girlyboy) whats smeg?

player1) what we americans call cheese... so do u?

girlyboy) yeah of course

player1) lmao... faggot!

See smeg, cheese, faggot, fag, pleb, cock, gag, bitch, spunk


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