[gm] Bastet

What is [gm] Bastet?


-Fat psychic that knows everything about your ways to detect MVPs.

Don't try to argue with it, you might aswell give up, there's no point since it'll just say that you're rule-lawyering and reject whatever you say. Did I mention it is a psychic?

-If it's after you, run for you life, cause if it jumps onto you, you're done for. Careful, it knows about your movements aswell, its a psychic.

-Bastet is also used to describe something increbibly huge/heavy/fat. Oh and psychics.

GM Bastet: I will break it down more.

GM Bastet: You have a way of detecting MVP's.

poor random guy (LOLTHOMAS): LOL?

GM Bastet: We know about it.


"e__e hate u

die in a fire

hope you get hit by a bastet"

See bastet, fat bitch, dumb hoe, psychic


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