What is 3000gt?


A Japanese sports car that was mainly designed to be a grand tourer (GT). Because its capabilities exeed those of the GT line, many people compare it to Ferrari and other cars of that category. This often makes some folks say that it was a failure of technology and leave other comments of that nature. These people come short of rational thought though, because they do not think of the main purpose of the car and what would happen if its purpose was to be a racing supercar, using all the light materials and all nessesary equipment in order to compete in this class. As a matter of fact, this car is capable of an acceleration of 11.8 seconds in the quarter mile and 4.2 seconds 0-60 MPH times in racing trim. These times are better than the times achieved by many of the supercars including Acura (Honda) NSX, Porshe 911 Turbo and many others. Such people should only ask themselves "What would have happened if the 3000GT was meant to compete in this class instead of in the GT class? The answer is pretty clear - it was going to be the king of the hill, just like it is in the GT class for which it was meant. The Mitsubishi 3000GT has a steel body which is much heavier than the alumunum body of the NSX, for example. And yet, its times are so close to these of the NSX... Can you imagine the 3000GT being dressed in the lightweight clothes of the supercars? Oh, happy day... But it was made heavy, because of the purpose it serves - to be stable and safe as a GT! This car has a superb styling as well. It is so perfect that, as one journalist said, "Maranello needs to roll out a Testarossa in order to match"! Actually, the 3000GT still looks contemporary while the Testarossa does not so much. The Mitsubishi 3000GT comes in three different trims: 3000GT (165 HP,) 3000GT SL (222 HP,) and 3000GT VR4 (320 HP). In the U.S.A. it was sold as the Dodge Stealth which was its twin brother. The differences were only cosmetic. The 3000GT VR4 became The Import Car of The Year in 1991 in America, announced by Motor Trend.

Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 sports car.

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Sports car made by Mitsubishi Motors. It was discontinued in 1999. Many import enthusiasts overlook this car, as it has not been featured in either of the The Fast and The Furious movies. The car is beautiful, and the style is better than most of the cars in the market today. The top-end model of the 3000GT is the VR-4, which is a twin-turbocharged 3.0L engine. The style of the car is so perfect, that many bodykit makers such as Veilside have very inconspicous kits available, instead of the over-the-top kits they offer for cars such as the Lancer Evolution.

Mitchell's green 3000GT is friggin' sick.

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Best car ever. Lambo styling, handles like a centrefuge, only true Japanese sports car ever made. Discontinued in '99. Featured in all 3 Gran Turismo games. Comes in base, SL, and VR4

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very sweet over looked import car. often called by honda drives "to heavy" i reality tho, it would whip any honda's ass, becuase for 1. it has stock 300 horses in the vr4, if you got a honda block up that high it would blow and u would get very limited milage on the block. 2 its all wheel drive making it a ton faster off the line. 3 you don't have to rely on "Elibach stickers" "fart pipes" "spoilers" and "body kits" to make your car go faster, your horse power is located in the engine not the 80,000 watt stereo.

i beat that honda in the quater mile, even with its stereo that add 3000 horse's or sometin.


A true Japanese head turner.

A sports car made to compete with Toyota Supra, Mazda Rx-7, Nissan Skyline, and Nissan 300zx. Known to be a Heavy car due to the tougher material on the body but the strong engine backs up for it. 1st generations are made until 1993 and 2nd generations were built until 2001.

The car comes in Base model, SL (Sport Luxury), VR-4 (Twin Turbo). The car itself looks very beautiful and is designed to compete with other sports cars. The interior is also luxurious on the VR-4 and the SL version offering Leather seats, heated mirrors, projector fog lights, etc.

The SL model has been questioned because it has too much torque and horsepower to be a front wheel drive but it has a standard ESC (sport mode) button that stiffens up the suspension.

The VR-4 has also been somewhat criticized for being too overpriced for having exact same features (except for aerodynamics control) as the SL version but the POWER of the car makes up for the price.

My 3000gt will smoke 4 cylinder Hondas any day.

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A GT car designed by Mitsubishi Motors. The car came factory with 320hp, Twin Turbo, an AWD system, and super-car looks. However, the car weighs 3750 lbs, loses 35% power thru its AWD system, looks outdated, and has a cheap interior. The car has an almost cult-like following, despite its sloppy handling and terrible gearing. Most 3000GT owners will tell you that their car is fast, handles well, whatnot. Bullshit.

Galant VR4 driver - Yo my boy has a 3000GT with 16G turbo's, built, its out.

S13 Driver - The red one from Kearny?

GVR4 - Yeah, him.

S13 - Haha, my boy's Z32 raped him on stock turbos.

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Another "japanese muscle car" from the 90's- a thankfully extinct species among others. Although very stylish, pricey, it followed the american principle of "large and powerful" with was doomed to fail eventually in japan, as well as in America. Very powerful in their day (Well, the VR-4 at least, the SLow model wouldn't get out of it's own way) - they are nothing more than a archaic relic surpassed in every way by anything comparable now.

But i'd rock one ;)

Hey man! Check out my awesome 300 horsepower 300ZX/SupraTT/Vr-4!!

Yeah? My car has 200 horsepower and weighs half that.


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