[gully Creepa]

What is [gully Creepa]?


Some so call bad men use to use the gully to hide from police and creep up on their own brothers and sisters and kill them for what they have.

"gully creepa":

"gully": We use to chow away "rubbish"inna gully fe when rain fall and gully come down it get wash away to the sea

"Bad Man":Real bad men dont creep inna gully they might use the gully some times just to enter under cover but never creep. Some real bad men in their time,walk pon the gully side or walk inna the gully ("no creeping").

Opinion: All who a do gully creeper a coward and bad men rubbish who need to stay inna the gully and do dem gully creeper till gully come down and wash dem a see and mek dem swim like a "fish"a nuff a dem dress like a fish already inna this dance. some all even dress like girls and want to dress like bogle (original style} and take over from bogle but Mr Wacky done set it to the world ~^~that's why dem killed him off fe take over~^~ but this no mek it even if dem a use fe sing it.

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