What is @h?


basically ah but full of awesomeness and win. Tends to annoy the fuck out of people on certain gamer forums.

guy 1: fuck you shit cunt, you have no walls

guy 2: @h so young

guy 1: STFU im older than you, prick

guy 2: @h full of rage

guy 1 has left the server

See lol, ah, rage, kek, long


Short name fore "I am at home". The "@" stands for the "at" and "H" for "home".

I know, we're becoming lazie and MORE MORE lazier to write simple phrases.

A : Hey wut up, dog?

B : Nting really.. jst chillin'

A : k, cud ya com n' meet me at da park?

B : Nope!

A : Y, were r ya?

B : @h havin sex wid my girl, g2g

A : Luky... I'm commin 2 watvh, lmao

B : Peace, nw go, it' gettin really hot!

See abbreviation, lazy, home, at, slang


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