What is [hakimism]?


Also known as the Ero Religion for the Naruto fans, it started in the year 2008 created due to the inspiration of Hakimy.

The one and only God of Hakimism is, ironically, Hakimy. He never stopped being a pervert. His perversion is an inspiration to all of his followers.

well known and faithful followers OF hakimism:

Amateratsu - avid consumer of yaoi, has more that one screws missing; she blames the aliens; also has gained the nickname 106 and Tsunade, the newest follower of hakimism.

Gerikayra - a dream name; has a vampire and yaoi obsession, she is a proud hakmism follower.

Tishy - the perfect blond; big boobs = happiness; the master of ramirez, the youngest follower of hakimism.

Joana - bearer of both a blessing and a curse: the great thing; the priestess of hakimism; in love with cats and absinthe; also known as Mojo Jojo, the evil money

Uncle Ramirez - Has a thing for the snake game; he keeps saying he's a good boy; eats industrial quantities of pie, he can never spell hakimism correctly though.

Kris - Well known pedophile; currently MIA, probably in China getting illegal porn, apparently all in the name of hakimism.

Shinigami - Otaku beyond redemption; has unsolved issues; yuri enthusiast; priest of hakimism; has a single neuron, that yodels 24/7.

See ero, perverted, chris, geri, iris, shini


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