What is +hbd?


HBD = Hearts, Brains, Degrees

To indicate that well-educated people are now doing socially responsible business using the World Wide Web.

- Unrelated to "Here Be Dragons" or to the company named HBD Venture Capital(TM)

+HBD: Hearts, Brains, Degrees.

MVPs, "Professional" FLOSS programmers. These have have all three - H,B,D.

BD / +BD / +BD-H: Brains, Degrees, but no Hearts.

Engineers working without love for their art or without concern for the development of their field of knowledge or industry. They typically use illegal or unethical means to gain control of the industry. Engineers with only monetary incentives in mind.

H / +H / +H-BD: Hearts, not all that brilliant, but lack official Degrees.

These are layman users who donate happily to both FLOSS projects and/or individual programmers who make good freeware on any platform or in any language if they like the program or benefit from using it. Good netizens.

HB / +HB / +HB-D: Have Hearts and Brains, but lack official Degrees.

Self-taught programmers or knowledgeable users who donate both effort and money to FLOSS projects or individual programmers who make good freeware on any platform or in any language. These people help social initiatives the most. People with hard work, dedication and a sense of purpose in life. Not to be considered inferior to +HBD, but do lack certain advanced knowledge or skills not taught freely on the

HD / +HD / +HD-B: Hearts and Degrees but not exceptionally brilliant.

The large majority of employed programmers who have degrees, but need to be alerted to the latest socio-entrepreneurial or innovative companies or products known on the Once alerted and educated sufficiently about these revolutionary changes, they become +HBD easily.

B / +B / +B-HD: Brains only, no Hearts or Degrees

For programmers working alone or in small or big companies

sometimes (or often) using illegal or unethical means to get an income or run their small business. The absence of Degrees prevents them from becoming +BD-H.

D / +D / +D-HB: Degrees only, no Brains or Hearts

Degree holding programmers who have neither a heart, nor very intelligent. These can go anywhere, depending upon the situations they face in their profesional or personal lives.

See types, floss, w00t, www


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