What is ♥?


makes a heart in html. usually used on myspace, livejournal, or other blogs of that sort. sometimes, (to be creative) kids will say "and hearts semi colon", but it is the same thing.

sometimes it is used to express love for someone, and sometimes it seems that the person is angry, but when the heart is added to the end of the sentence it becomes loving.

myspace comment 1: omgzz♥ i met you at that local show!!1!!1♥ even thought i just met you, i love you♥

myspace comment 2: fuck you bitch ♥


html code for a heart. every myspacewhore uses it before there favorite band.

the following would be under someones music list:

♥The Chariot

with about 50 other scene cool metal bands

See myspacewhore


An HTML code on Myspace, generally used to show great effection.

I ♥ Lindsay sooo much!!!

See myspace, html, web, friends


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