What is [hobo]?


1) someone/friend who keeps on clinging on to you when s/he needs something. Especially food/money. And when you have nothing to give he would just scram and leave as if s/he doesn't know you.

2) A beggar; worst than a stray cat

3) A beggar with a bitchy attitude

4) A whore/slut

Lia: Hey, do you know that skeeze?

Faye: Who? That guy?

Lia: Yeah

Faye: Definitely, that guy is a HOBO!


Nika: That F***ing HOBO!!

Daphne: What happened??

Nika: He slept with me last night and when I woke up this morning my wallet/purse is gone and so as all my money!

Daphne: Damn!


HOBO: so hungry...

Stray cat: *eating some fish from a garbage can*

HOBO: give me that you stupid cat!!

Street cat: meow!

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