What is 1hp?


A Counter-Strike: Source "club" where you must have CAL-Main proof on your steam ID. Then you must set your nickname on IRC and in-game for CS:S to say 1HP at the end.

Here are the rules as presented on their IRC channel (#1HP @ irc.gamesurge):

"To become a member you must have main+ proof on your steam id, no SS, no nothing must have proof. Pm mike with your steamid, or esea page for cevo proof, no hey, u there, steamid! Current members must stay tagged up or WILL be deleted."

ksharp: You're still in CAL-Open you wannabe, take that 1HP off your name.

CAL-Open shitty: yeah well I paid for the join pass on a Main team so it says I joined for one day!!

ksharp: get out of Open baddie

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