What is -ify?


Suffix (Specifically pronounced "If-eye") which can be added most common dictionary words. Addition of "ify" to a word changes existing form into a verb. For example, "Hey, xyz, I am going to head off to go to bed" would be shortened to "Hey xyz, I'm going to sleepify." In cases where adding "-ify" to a word creates a conflicts with an existing dictionary word, such as "Testify" (to take a test), the meaning is simply that which is implied during the course of discussion. However, if it is so wished, the speaker can replace "-ify" with "-inate" (and vice versa) with little change in meaning.

"Finals are coming soon. It's time to Workify"

"Hey, xyz, class is in 10 minutes. You should probably wakify."

"Hey, abc, want to foodify?"

"xyz, volumify the TV!"

"Phonify me later, k?"


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