What is -ism?


A suffix that usually emo faggots, vegetarians, communists, leftwingers and other useless pieces of shit put behind words to look smart. It only makes them more annoying then they already are.

When this is done in front of you it's your right, or should i say your duty to mankind, to take action with a punch to the jaw or a kick in the stomach.

Emo fag: omg omg look at this Bush-ism!!1!111

Vegetarian: omg i live by vegetarian-ism!1

Gothic: lol look at me i live by goth-ism!11 plz send cookies

Me (after beating the living shit out of them): You just got fucked up-ism.

See gothic, ism, -ism, emo, pieces of shit, emo faggot, vegetarian, dickkwikkwek


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