What is -izz-?


The midfix -izz- is used as an embellishment to add syllables to words, perhaps for purposes of meter. When context allows, sometimes the remainder of the word is actually omitted.

Regular: "I'm going out to walk the dog."

Instead: "I'm going out to wizzalk the dizzog!"

Or: "I'm going out to wizz the dizz!"


Clarification: the -izz- is placed after the initial consonant, or if the word begins with a vowel, at the beginning of the word.

"Ow, I banged my arm!"

"Ow, I bizzanged my izzaarm!"

"Ow, I bizzed my izz"


It is simply ebonic pig latin.

Pig Latin becomes Pizzig Lizzatin.

Fo' Sho' becomes fizzo shizzo, or fo shizzo, which then became shizzle, in and of itself a new slang word.

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