What is 56k?


A method of connecting to the Internet that should have gone extinct by now.

If cable modems were cheaper, the 56k'er would cease to exist.

See D-san


The worst way to connect to the Internet. Ever.

Some people have valid reasons for using 56k, such as living out of the range of broadband. Most, however, are just too cheap or stupid to buy something better.

My girlfriend's dad works at home on Ebay over his 56k Internet connection.

See Vayne


a incredibly slow internet connection where you need to wait days for a porn video to download

-"You have ISDN or something?"

-"no i have 56k"





something poor people use to connect to the interweb. It's slow as shit and uses a phone modem. It forces you to do this strange "dialing up" thing before you get on.

I have 56k. I am on welfare. I use AOL.

See me


a piss-poor connection that is the slowest thing around.

you seen that tortoise beat my 56k to the first bridge? hell even a floppy disk full of bad sectors is faster than this pathetic shit..

See anonymous


the medium pathetic llama noobs usually use to bother others in the cyber world

only idiots get aol


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