What is :k?


Less common form of :.

1. Reffering to a vampire or vampiric tendancies

2. Showing fangy displeasure, or ebilness.

3. Telling someone you hate them and are out to make them bleed. Badly.

1. and that evil vampire was like :K

2. :K you're so mean!

3. d00d, thats my gf... i am so gunna kill u! :K :K :K :K


The smiley referring to one with vampire grills.

Person 1: Man check out these vampire grills I bought!

Person 2: d00d those thangs is hawt, boys! :k

See grill, vamp, vamps


The smiley used to illustrate a snake.

I hate :k's so freakin' much!

See snake, k, snakes, bite, hurt


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