What is 10k?


Lantec's desk that cost him 10k to build on the Hard|OCP forums.

Did that (whatever) cost 10k?

See Pete


1. An internet forum member whose user ID is 10,000 or higher. This separates them from the established members and instead classifies them as a newfag. Other numbers can be selected (such as 20k, 30k, etc) but 10k is the most common cut-off.

2. An internet forum member whose user ID is within the range 10,000 to 10,999. This meaning can be applied to any number as well, but specifies exactly which thousand rather than a cut-off point.

This term only applies to members of forums that require registration.

stfu 10k

See genmay, forum, lulz, internets, newfag


Someone who wears a cheesy Mr. T starter kit.

Hey look, here comes Johnny 10K


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