10k Commotion

What is 10k Commotion?


a website with an online comic about a fictional Dance Dance Revolution tournament that mostly appeals to Bemani geeks and people who go to anime cons. kinda based on a bunch of real tourneys and cons.

used as an adj. refers to the rules listed on the site, "perfects x 2 + greats + okays"

"The last DDR tourney at Otakon was 10K Commotion-style. Easier than calculating percentages for everybody on every song."

See ddr, 10k, tenkay, perfect, great, okay


Quite possibly one of the nerdiest online comics ever, about two groups of angsty kids that train to win a DDR tourney.

Yes, they take a Dance Dance Revolution tournament that seriously.

Called a manga by some, despite the fact that it's american-made.

10k commotion is one of the nerdiest things I've ever seen. The main character has a backpack with fairy wings.


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