What is [kelsey]?


A Kelsey is the most rare of the rare. You will never find another Kelsey like her. Kelsey are the most sweet and observant of all. They are always in pain. Even when smiling they still hurt. A Kelsey always wears her heart on her sleeve but never lends it to people she knows will hurt it. Kelsey's will try and try for something until they succed. If you mess with a Kelsey or one of her friends you will most definately regret it. She is the best and trustworthy friend you will ever have. No matter what goes down a Kelsey has got you. Now if a Kelsey loves you.. you are truely something special it takes a lot to reeve up a Kelsey. So hold on to the Kelsey. Because once you set her free she will find someone else.

Synonyms: amazing, loyal, caring, most understanding thing, Kelsey

Antonyms: Gangster, Hater, judger, easy to get

common misspelling: Kelsie, Kelsi, Kelsea

See kelsey, lover, bitch, redhead


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