What is 64ker?


Someone who uses 64K modem.

Frequently used through online gamingby fags to show-off their "computer knowledge" (or in some other sick cases) by stating that someone who has high pingor / and laggs is a 64Ker.

73#_Pwn0r is killed by Moliugelis (several granade explosions)

- {OMG}pillow07: KIK

- 73#_Pwn0r: omfi should have pwntjoo!111

- Terminat0r: moliugelis watch your ping

- Joey2006: OMG teh64Ker

Joey2006 is killed by Neo (dirrect headshot)

Moliugelis is kicked off by {FFL}Diver

See 64ker, lagg, kicked


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