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What is [key Club]?


Key Club is a service organization, and is the oldest and largest high school service organization in the world. It is entirely student led, and has many levels of organization.

It is impossible to lump Key Club into a convenient stereotype, as its members are very diverse: there are clubs in America, Canada, Jamaica, and even Malaysia!

Like any club, there is a good chunk of members that are participating only for expediency, but that is why they rarely ever rise past the club level, as in accordance to the “Peter Principle.” And so with that in mind, Key Club should not be judged by members that do it solely for college-applications.

On the club level, Key Clubs help the community, be it through tutoring younger students, helping run bingo night at the senior center, or making houses for the homeless. On an large scale, Key Club International and many districts fundraise for other organizations, such as Grassroots Soccer United, a program devoted to combating AIDS in Africa, UNICEF, one of the most recognized children’s organization in the world, and the Children’s Miracle Network, a nonprofit that benefits hospitalized kids and purchases up-to-date equipment, trains staff, and conducts life-saving research.

All in all, Key Club is an organization that follows worthy causes, encourages involvement in the community, and promotes the declining values of caring and inclusiveness.

"Hey, are you going to go to the Key Club meeting today?"

"Heeeeeeell Yeah!"

"What about your girlfriend? I thought she wanted to hang out afterschool!"

"Oh, I broke up with her so I could have more time to do COMMUNITY SERVICE!!!"

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