What is 3kgt?


An abbreviation referring to the Mitsubishi 3000 GT, a once-popular sports car that is no longer manufactured.

Mitsubishi also made a higher performance model, the 3000 GT VR-4, featuring ~300hp and the unique capability of all-wheel drive.

Though these were sweet, beatiful machines, were quieter, with a better ride, and had the means to move quick; they were slightly overweight, a bit underpowered, and front-wheel drive - making them inferior to other cars in their class (the camaro, firebird, and mustang), in terms of racing.

"Yeah, I was on one of the 3kgt fan sites looking for some performance mods."

Person A: "I need a ride to my friends to pick up my mitsu."

Person B: "Your mitsu? What kind ya got?"

Person A: "got a 3kgt"

Person B: "Ah."

See mitsu, 3000gt, sports car


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