What is /kick?


A command used in several online games to "kick", or disconnect an obnoxious, noob, or just disliked user/player from a server/room.

Also used to disconnect a player when the game host/master prefers to have a smaller game, or things there are too many users/players in the server/room.

Knight11292: omg, look at this noob

LarJarsE: yeah, but he's on your team!!!11

Knight11292: cmon'... /kick! plz!

LarJarsE: haha!

*Starts game*

Knight11292: mother fucker!

* noobenglish player joins a latin server*

Dragon224: tu es haces? si? jaja. /kick

Billydick888: what?

Dragon224: que? jaja!

Melndlz53: jaja!

*Billydick888 has been kicked from the room*

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