What is 4kids National Anthem?


One of the most forbidden videos known to the internet. It is a short made by 4Kids Entertainment that takes clips from the cartoons 4Kids shows on their channel, and somehow have the voices of those characters singing the National Anthem. This video is found to be an insult to America, 4Kids Entertainment, Anime, Cartoons, Earth, The Human Race, and much more. The mere mention of this video can scramble even the strongest minds. If you ever see a video starting out with cartoons characters in gold stars shooting onto an American Flag, and someone is saying "AND NOW THE STARS OF 4KIDS WILL SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!", RUN! Get away from your computer, stop the video, click a link, ANYTHING!

Oh god! Its the 4Kids National Anthem! OH MY GOD MY BRAINS ARE MELTING!!!

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