'kin To The Other

What is 'kin To The Other?


'Kin to the Other is a phrase that was coined by Jarandhel Dreamsinger as a reforming of the increasingly popular term Otherkin. The two terms are essentially equivalent, although they have somewhat different focuses.

While the term Otherkin has come to accentuate a disassociation with ones' humanity (albeit unintentionally), 'Kin to the Other was created in order to show that a connection to humanity isn't completely nonexistent within the Otherkin community.

In some places, 'Kin to the Other has come to show a sort of Holier-then-Thou attitude. However, in other places, Otherkin has come to show a general immaturity.

It's a no win situation, essentially.

She's 'Kin to the Other.

See otherkin, kin, vampire, therian, therianthrope, ailuranthrope, otakukin, faerie, dragons, angels, demons, kitsune, tanuki


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