What is 1l?


A first year law school student.

My friend is a 1l at Harvard Law School.

See lawyer, attorney, law school, 2l, 3l


Someone who might have been cool last year, but this year is consumed with talking about cases, grades, and a class rank that doesn't exist yet.

"The library is full of 1Ls. I'm glad I'm not a 1L!"

See 1-l, first year, nerd


A first year student in law school whose time consists of drinking coffee, going to class, studying, reading cases, not sleeping, drinking more coffee, making outlines instead of just downloading them from outlines, drinking more coffee, briefing cases...

John is a 1L, that's why he still briefs cases he's assigned; he just doesn't know any better yet

See freshie, freshman, first year


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