17levers Of Freedom

What is 17levers Of Freedom?



Tribute to 16buttons of justice, 17levers of freedom is an awesome band consisting of an itallian keyboard player, whos name is italina keyboard player, extremerockerdude(on guitar) and Davy Rockit (on vocals) They are an incredibly awesome band playing music ranging from itallian nazi pop, (which the singer refuses to sing for because he is jewish) and ska-punk-grunge which the singer enjoys very much. Unfortunatly there are no animals playing in this tribute

"17levers of freedom is coming, we better freshin up for those sexy beasts, except that wierd keyboard guy with the mustache, hes a little strange"

"you know what your just one of them itallian nazis"-Davy Rockit

"huuuhhh CONCLUSION"

"a clue, bibles are in the library...hmmmm...wait a minute whats west a-see-a"-Davy Rockit "Dude that says west asisa"-Extremerockerdude


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