What is 760li?


The Beamer of all beamer it comes with a V-12 in it. Itz a fukin airplane if u ask me. This shyt has all kinds of instruments and controls in it. Makes fat ass Rick Ross 745 look like a fukin Kia Rio. This car fitz 23's on it with no lift kit. Itz beautiful damn im glad my rich ass has one, and you poor, broke, nun hustlin, ass faggots can't even afford the paint I have on it. Hahaha get money u broke niggaz if u makin under 100000 a year your fukin broker then a bitch!!!

-I seen two hoes on the corner I rolled up in that 760li they all wanted my dick in their mouths!!!

-I park my 760li right next to my RR Phantom.

See bmw, 760, 750, 745, rr, phantom


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