[lindsay And Samuel]

What is [lindsay And Samuel]?


A redneck and barbie doll who met on one busy night at a local bar in the cheese state. The redneck was too shy to confront the outgoing barbie doll, so he gave his digits to the waitress to give to her. Fate must have been on their side because not many barbie dolls visit yeehaw wiscaaanson. Barbie doll didn't want to take the number at first but all of a sudden, before she was about to leave, something must have ticked in her head. She quickly grabbed the piece of paper and slid it in her back pocket. She didn't think any thing of it when she texted redneck but ever since that one night, they have been talking to each other. You might be thinking, "How can two people from two completely different areas of the country have anything in common and still manage to talk to each other?" well, it's simple. they don't have everything in common. But what matters is that they like each other for the people that they and surprisingly never run out of things to talk about. But, i only have one more thing to say, you always have to wait for the things you really want in life :)

Oh my god that couple over there is so adorable! Their names must be Lindsay and Samuel.

See couple, romantic, adorable, cute, fate


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