What is ,,ll,-_-,ll,,?


This is the latestes, l33t3st and surest middle-finger flagdown/putdown there is and will be!

It combines the middle-finger (or, 'the looong finger' yo!) + the ring finger together with both hands out...for a sure-fire 'Fuck You!' effect!

Use at large against hobitches who think that the sun shines outta their 'lonley' asses. B-Hz!

Also known as: Super-finger/ su-fi/ ,,ll,/ ,,ii,

-Hammer: Hey Meagan! Fank you very fankin' much fer one thing, ya lil' Meh-Spacer hotard: I have grown back my pubes and my cockasaurus looks great! <<explanation needed 'ere..use asshos like Meagan, tend to guzzle way too much jizzle quantities that studies have shown can happen to cause permanent-memory lapses!>> Ya wanted to have my cock with that full beard on it, 'member? Heeyaa! Here's fer 'fank yous':


See fuck you, middle finger, the bird, super finger


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