What is 'loser'?


A 'Loser' is slowly becoming a new label. They tend to be proud of who they are and will admit who they are. Most 'Losers' are not popular, are unique within their circle of friends.

They listen mostly to punk, rock and alternative music also soft stuff from Dusty Springfeild and Cyndi Lauper. A 'Loser' definitely knows how to have a good time always up for a laugh. Uses words like 'fabby' 'groovy' etc

Their fashion sense is similar to that of an Emo (but don't get them mixed up). The hair should have streaks of a bright colour in it. They stand out in crowd even though they prefer not too.

Popular Girl 1: Check that 'Loser' out!!

Popular Girl 2: I know I wish I could express my originality like that.

Popular Girl 1: Don't be silly, you got to follow the crowd.

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