What is [love]?


an amazing feeling you get that leaves you completely vulnerable and in the end will always end up leaving you in the ditches and you pretty much become a pathetic shell of a human until you realize you dont need loveanymore and then u can finally live your life for you and not someone else. Basically you don't need it.

Kevin: Dude, I totally lovethis girl with all my heart man, I don't know what I would do without her.

Me: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Dude, I'll tell you what you would do dumbass, you would grow a set of balls and get shit faced and fuck alot of bitches!!! HAHA!

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the best but worse feeling in the world...

the feeling of not being able to survive w/out someone...thats love

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somthing that has no definition for it is to powerful.

imagine if Hitler was loved would we have ever had the Holocaust. no I don't think so. Lovewould overpower him.

" loveNever fails"

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