What is 3m?


3m Stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufcturing. They are the makers of Sticky notes and sandpaper. And Duct Tape which is mistakenly called Duck tape.

I went to 3m to buy some sandpaper and Duct Tape


The name given to kirtland, stands for mormons, murderers, and melon heads

Damn, I live in 3M.

See the prophet


Fancy/ uppity/ posh 20 something type girl. Characterized by spending lots of money, having a crazy temper, getting angry easily. Special talent of doubling her height by wearing stiltish shoes.

Damn arne 3m looks pissed cause someone stole holt's shipment of designer shoes.

Holy shit 3m is going to lose it after talking to Kornell.

Man 3m money dont grow on trees you know!

See uppity, temper, posh, girl, money


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