1m 73h L337357 H4x0r

What is 1m 73h L337357 H4x0r?


in english: im the leetest hacker

one who beleives they are the greatest and leetest of all hackers so they let people konw by making this online name for many things, ie: gaming and or chatrooms

OMGZZ 1 7074lly h4x3d 7h15 n00b y3573rd4y 17 w45 50 fr33k1n9 l337...OMGZ 1 7074lly pwn n00b5 7w3n7y-f0ur/s3v3n, 17'5 b3c4u53 <<1m 73h l337357 h4x0r>> lolz!!!11!!!!1!!

See n00b, hacker, loser, uber noob, douche


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