What is [makwinski]?


An overly cocky person who aspires to be a cop. Thinks he can pull girls because hes has had "so many" in the past, but realy never gets anything. He acts tuff at parties but never fights, acts popular but only has 2 freinds. A typical domb Polak

EX: Johnies girl freind is at party. Johny gets drunk with his one freind and they act like players as they drink in the basement, talking about all the hot girls, acting like they can get with them. Then, just to be tuff, he sends a text to his girlfreind saying that hes cheating on her. His girl gets mad and Johnie acts like shes over reacting. His girl freind cheats on him again that night. That kid is a Makwinski.

EX2: Johnie has a freind named Dave. Johnie has always considered him self above Dave, like he usally does. Johnie went to the same school as Dave, probally cause he is affraid to meet people. Johnie and Dave take a placement test, and both dont do well. Johnie makes an excuse, like he was not trying, and they take it again. Johnie tells Dave he passed to make himself seem smart. Dave did pass, and only found out that Johnie failed when he treid to switch into his class. That kid is a Makwinski.

EX3: Johnie just got his first girlfriend at the age of 18, and he wants to be tuff to impress his girl. So he gets drunk with Greg, who is a pussy, and wouldnt hurt a fly, and tries to fight him over stupid shit. His girlfriend thinks he is a fool, and I FUCKED HER. That kid is a Makwinski.

ex4: He went to youth trooper camp. That kid is a Makwinski.

*names were changed so feelings were not hurt*

See fag, soft, polak, tool, herb


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