[marilyn Monroe]

What is [marilyn Monroe]?


Who every blonde chick thinks she is.

"Does this make me look enough like Marilyn Monroe?"

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A very memorbale actress from the 1950's, born on June 1st 1926, born Norma Jeane Mortensen. Marilyn never knew her father and her mother Gladys was sent to an asylum when Marilyn was very young, she was sent from foster home to orphanage countless times. Marilyn married 3 times in her short but sweet life, she was married to her childhood sweatheart, baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and great playwright Arthur Miller. The marriages were short lived but symbolized love for Marilyn. Marilyn died August 5th 1962 of suspected overdose, some believe it was murder. Marilyn was one of the best actresses the world has ever seen and had a sensational voice.

Marilyn Monroewas in the movie Some like it hot with Tony curtis & Jack Lemmon she sang various songs thorughout it

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