What is -martin Luther King Jr?

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A great civil rights leader who has been honored by having a day that nobody remembers and a street in the ghetto that is very dangerous.

Friend: Yo, guess what I learned about Martin Luther King today!

Ignant Nigguh: Who dat?

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The modern day jesus. He died so kids could have no school for a day.

If it werent for Martin Luther King then I would have had to take my math test earlier

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A rhyming slang associated with jewlery or "bling"

#1. Mr T is drowning in Martin

#2. He'll never get through the airport with Martin Luther King!

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Expression of frustration, surprise, anger or pain. Similar to Jesus Christ. Often modified with a "fucking" between any or all of the words.

1) Martin Luther King, that's hot!

2) Martin-fucking-Luther King!

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