What is [mastodon]?


The new kings of the heavy metal world. They are a prog-sludge metal fusion, with their earlier releases leaning towards sludge metal and their later releases leaning towards a prog-sludge fusion.

Their 2004 albumn Leviathan is a classic record and their 2006 albumn Blood Mountain launched them into the mainstream. They have a new albumn, Crack the Skye, coming out Spring 2009.

All of their albums center around a different element and story 9with the exception of Remission, which loosely focuses on fire). Remission is fire, Leviathan is water, Blood Mountain is earth, and Crack the Skye focuses on aether.

Remission (2002)

Leviathan (2004)

Blood Mountain (2006)

Crack the Skye (2009)

Mastodonare the new knigs of the metal world.

See heavy metal, sludge metal, prog metal, awesome, band


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