What is 'mo?


Slang for a homosexual- short for "homo".

"You have 15 Barbra albums? You are such a 'mo".

See Duncan


Short for homo. Mainly used by the gay community when referring to each other. Rarely used as a homophobic insult.

Is he really a 'mo?

No way!

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shortened form of "emo". used as a derragatory term for kids who listen to emo

See that kid over there with the chopped up hair and fat, ugly girlfriend? He's pretty 'mo


More Emo Than Emo Itself

Cause if emo were people youd be china

cry all about it WRITE A SONG

Holy Shit Josh Krell Is Fuckin 'Mo Hes Almost Mo Diggity and he is defiantely Gee

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