What is 2moons?


2Moons is a MMORPG derived from Dekaron run by the most inept faggot retarded dick fucking company in the world: Acclaim.

Player1: OMG my 2Moons account just got hacked!!!11!111!!!one

Player2: WTF!!?11!1??1one Email support!!!111!

Player1: Ok!!!11!11!one11 *Emails*

---31 Days Later---

Acclaim Support: We regret to inform you that you will not be compensated because this email is over 30 days old. Thank you for understanding.

Player1: WTFFF?!

Acclaim Support: PWNED!!!!!!!! Thanks for understanding.

Player1: Noooooooooooooo!!!!! My lvl 160 full +9 Bagi!!!!!!! My lifeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Player3: Dil buyer!!!

Player1: Fuck you I grinded all that in Heiharp crespo it's easy.

Player3: Yeah ok, keep telling yourself and okaygoods that.

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