What is 3mta3?


Origionally tried to be used as a license plate. When read using a rear-view mirror it say's EATME. Used in BBS speak currently.

most RMV wil not allow 3MTA3 and have a scan for it.

See bytme, stfu, f00, flux


3mta3 is stamped on the airplane on the beastie boy album liscensed to ill. all i have forgotten in my life of smokin pot......and all the lil stupid shit i'll never forget.

Text 3mta3 2 Your Friends, write 3MTA3 on your boss' notepad, scribble it about 4 fun, nobody seems to have much snap these days.

See 3mta3u, brass monkey, eat me, old school, 3mta3u


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