What is [mtlwalkerz]?


The group known as " MtlWalkerz " are made of a bunch of students who created this group together for a dance called the clown-walk.It is a well known group across the city of Montreal.They were one of the first people to create a group in they're city.They also influenced other groups of c-walking and upcomming c-walkers.They started as a little group that grew and grew in time by views and subcribers they're working they're way to the top.If you want to watch some of they're videos, check out the website " youtube " and type in the search box, " MtlWalkerz ".

The MtlWalkerz will surely help you if you are in need of anything.

See sheed, sa, song, cwalk, crip, footwork, foot, 514, originator, hiphop, dance, clown


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