What is /mu/?


/mu/ is a music imageboard on 4chan consisting of nothing but heated discussions about metal albums that no-one has heard, rap-hatred, Tom Waits-love, and liberal spamming of Dragonforce or Neutral Milk Hotel songs/album covers/information.

The aim of the board is to prove to others that you have a more obscure taste in music than anyone else. The one who has the most pretentious/obscure taste wins, but no one ever wins. Also posting Insane Clown Posse is an instant fail.

It is also the most pretentious thing since Dragonforce.

Anime_Expert also originated from /mu/. Whenever someone talks about Japanese music, he appears. Though, the picture is so damn exploitable, it's been modified many times over, and is mainly used when someone makes a statement that is stereotypical of fans of the genre/band. This post is then copied, then posted with the corresponding expert.

Your favorite band sucks. If you've forgotten, /mu/ is happy to remind you. Made exclusively for discussing trv kvlt Black Metal, Daft Punk, and Dragonforce

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The music board on 4chan. Most of the music discussed on /mu/ is avant garde-experimental-noise-indie bullshit that nobody's heard about. /mu/ users (often called /mu/tants) will flame anybody who likes anything else. Although there is a modest community of metalheadson /mu/ they are generally disliked by the obscure taste flaunting majority that inhabits the board. Basically, it is a big contest to see who listens to the most obscure bands. The less people have heard of the music you listen to, the better.

I went to /mu/ the other day. Never before have I seen so many pretentious tight-wads in a single board.

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Worst music board on the internet.

/mu/: Neutral Milk Hotel, Animal Collective, Burzum, Crystal Castles, Neutral Milk Hotel, Animal Collective, Burzum, Crystal Castles, Neutral Milk Hotel, Animal Collective, Burzum, Crystal Castles

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