What is 'n?



Pronunciation: n

Function: Part-of-Speech; end-of-Contraction, uncommon, *implies the possesive as it replaces the word 'Own.' Usage effects a hick, rural flavor to speech, best if used sparingly, may convey a sense of appreciation for archaic or pseudoarchaic formulations in English.

Usage: can be used sansapostrophe in conjunction with 'e' following a vowel, where confusion is unlikely.

My'n, Myne: My+OWN, can replace "Mine"

Your'n, Yourn,: Your+OWN, replaces "Yours" as in phrase/designate "You and Yours"

Thy'n, Thyne, replaces "Thine" when it is prefered to yours

'n has limitations, it cannot be contracted with any word, specifically those words which end in a numeral, punctuation or any letter not either a vowel or liquids or the nasals (l, r, m, n.)

NO Yahoo!'n/Yahoo!n/Yahoo!ne

See ne, n, own, s


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