2nd Base

What is 2nd Base?


"touching of other peoples private areas"

Kelsey and her boyfriend got to second base the other day when he went up her shirt and she went down his pants.

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The shiny (sometimes a little dusty) white square used as a marker in a baseball field.

"Did you hear that Mike and Rachel got to 2nd base yesterday?"

"No way! They were playing baseball yesterday?"

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to touch another's private areas (tits, dick, pussy ect.)

man i got to 2nd base with her

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touching people's goods

titts, dick, goods, anything you wouldn't try to cover up from your spouse/partner. Alan is two basses from doing his girlfriend, he's already touched her breasts, so he's past 2nd base.

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A male fingering a female, or a female giving a male a hand job.

We went to 2nd Base, give and get.

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