What is 2nd Intelligence Battalion?


Referring to a military battalion from Jacksonville North Carolina known for it's faggotry and idiots. Can be recognized by the Marinesof this group which combined act like total a total sweenie, and those which frequent the B K Lounge. This group is known to make frequent trips to Iraq in which it continues the gay, not to be confused with the use of the Dirty Sanchez, but the sudden downfall of a constant shit stormbecause of their frequent anal activities. The leaders of this group usually engage in a daily routine known as a Lazy Laflamme.

Sure, his battalion was corrupt and full of faggotry, but it was no ----

I was sent to 2nd Intelligence Battalion for more in depth training and all I got was a dirty sanchez and taken to the BK lounge the next morning!

Another day, another dollar, another shit storm...welcome to Intel BN.

Cold we please have just one more meeting filled with the gay?

Meet me in the office for a good ole fashioned lazy laflamme...

See actionville, jacksonville, Oliver North


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