[new Jersey]

What is [new Jersey]?


ok. i have lived in new jersey my whole life, so i'll give you the real definition of new jersey.

ok, first of all, we think the sun shines out of our asses, and guess what, it does. we think were better than everyone. we're the prettiest girls alive, and we know it for a fact. don't mess with us, cause we will mess you up.

also, we actually think its pathetic how everyone makes fun of us. you people are only bringing us down to make yourselves feel better. "your a joisey girl!" HAHA, no. its not joisey, its jersey.

we curse like crazy over here. we say "yo" alot. we really don't care about what you think about us.

& for all you shoobies out there who claim you hate us, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU COME HERE TO VACATION IF YOU DONT LIKE US? you dont have to come here, cause we dont want you.

we drive better than you, so shut your damn traps.

yeah, so really, new jersey is a great place to live. & like, if our gonna make a rude comment, shut the fuck up, because you have no room to talk if you don't live here.

I love New Jersey

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